Saturday, January 15, 2005

Daniel Server from the USIP says Belgrade might start implementing force in Kosovo

The US decision to deny additional ten-million-dollar assistance to Serbia reflects the dissatisfaction and frustration of the US Administration, but also its wish to make it clear to Belgrade that the lack of cooperation with the Hague-based war crimes tribunal would not be tolerated, Director of the Balkan Initiative at the Institute for Peace Daniel Server told the US state radio Voice of America.
Conditions for Serbia's sertification have not changed since 1996, but it appears that Belgrade has decided to keep the security structures from the Milosevic era, Server said

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Anonymous said...

Daniel Serves is quite an imbecile and should be retired long time ago. Also he should stay in USA in his decadent and distasting world. Give Serbs a chance and live them alone. If you really want you may take all "Kosovars" and Albanians included over the ocean and have fun with them. A don’t think somebody will miss them very much here in Europe.