Friday, September 08, 2006

Serbian president says talks with Cheney as good and analytical

Text of report by Serbian radio on 8 September

Boris Tadic last night met US Vice President Dick Cheney, when the main topic of their meeting was the question of Kosovo-Metohija [Kosmet]. In spite of differences in opinion, Tadic called for a compromise solution to the province's status. Nenad Zafirovic reports from Washington.

[Reporter] Tadic described the discussion as good and analytical. We carefully examined the processes and time limits with regard to the talks on Kosmet, political stability and processes in the Balkans, not only in Serbia, said Tadic. He said his arguments were very well received, but declined to prejudge anything, since the talks in Washington are expected to give results in the period ahead. Tadic expressed concern that in all his meetings in Washington, including that with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the opinion prevailed that Kosovo should be granted some form of independence. On the other hand, Serbia strongly defends its legitimate position, which is opposition to Kosmet's independence and preservation of the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity, said Tadic. I expect the stances that I expressed on behalf of the state of Serbia will be an object of separate analyses and there is a possibility that Washington's current position might change with regard to the Kosovo status talks, said Tadic.

Source: Radio Belgrade in Serbian 1300 gmt 8 Sep 06

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