Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pristina spends 50m euros on Serb return to Kosovo

Text of report by Radio-Television Kosovo TV website on 4 September

The donors' conference on minorities has not taken place because the donors first want to know how much the Kosova [Kosovo] government will allocate, and if they cannot meet the set quota of 50 million euros, we will inform the donors and organize a conference to secure the remainder, said Ministry of Returns and Communities spokesman Fatmir Sheholli.

The cost to the Kosova government of implementing the third and fourth Standards - freedom of movement and sustainable return - is 50 million euros, according to assessments made by the Ministry of Returns and Communities, which has asked the government to allocate this amount only for sustainable returns. Over the last two years the Kosova government has spent over 16 million euros on sustainable returns, which has been managed by UNDP and the UNMIK Office for Returns and Communities, Sheholli concluded.

Source: RTK TV website, Pristina, in Albanian 4 Sep 06

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