Thursday, February 17, 2005

Kosovo officials reject Annan’s claims

The Kosovo government and Albanian officials say that UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s claims that Kosovo Serbs are living in fear are untrue and unrealistic.

The Kosovo government said that they are actively involved in integrating Serbs into the governmental structure, despite obstructions of the process by Belgrade.

The Kosovo media, particularly daily’s written in Albanian, also denied Annan’s statements, saying that the Secretary-General’s claims that no standards have been implemented in Kosovo are a drastic exaggeration.

Annan released a statement yesterday saying that Kosovo Serbs are living in fear and that ethnic divides are becoming even greater in the region, linking this to the fact that the Kosovo government has not done enough to punish those who participated in ethnically motivated crimes and attacks.

The Secretary-General’s full report on the situation in Kosovo and the work of the UN mission will be presented in detail to members of the UN Security Council at a meeting in New York City, scheduled for February 24.

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