Monday, February 28, 2005

Kosovo Corps close to recruiting number of Serbs required by Standards

The Kosova [Kosovo] Protection Corps [TMK] will not be responsible if inclusion of Serb minority members does not reach the figure of 10 per cent as outlined in the Standard VIII, the TMK officials said.

The spokesperson for the TMK, Col Muharrem Mahmutaj, said that they are close to fulfilling the requirements of this standard, but inclusion of Serb minority, despite some progress, is going slowly.

"Fulfilment of standard should not be measured only by figures, but also the TMK efforts for inclusion of members of all minorities should be taken into account," he said.

Currently only 7 per cent of the TMK members are from minorities and this figure must be increased to 10 per cent by mid-2005.

Mahmutaj said that the minorities at the TMK enjoy privileges, but there are stalemates in terms of including Serb members.

"We have managed to include tens of members of Serb minority. We would have included more if there were no pressure from Belgrade and from some Kosova Serb political representatives."

Some of the members of Serb minority are said to have left the TMK due to the pressure from their compatriots. Moreover Belgrade officials have many times called on the local Serbs to boycott the TMK.

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