Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kosovo must be independen by Former Foreign Ministers

Friday, June 15, 2007

Kosovo is back in the headlines. President George W. Bush says that it should become independent soon. President Vladimir Putin of Russia opposes independence and prefers time for more talks. President Nicolas Sarkozy of France has suggested that we move forward, with a six-month delay.

This has a familiar ring to it. Eight years ago, many of us - then foreign ministers - put in place an international process to decide who should govern Kosovo. We believe that the only viable option is for Kosovo to become independent under strict supervision. That is the proposal that is currently before the UN Security Council and is part of the process that the Council, including Russia, agreed upon and has implemented since 1999.

Kosovo is the last substantial territorial issue remaining from the violent collapse of Yugoslavia. In 2005, as called for by decisions of the Security Council, the UN secretary general appointed a special envoy - former President Martti Ahtisaari of Finland - to achieve a political settlement.

After 14 months of negotiations with the leaderships of Serbia and Kosovo, Ahtisaari announced that the irreconcilable positions of the two parties had made consensus unattainable and that no amount of additional talks would overcome the impasse. In lieu of a negotiated agreement by all sides, Ahtisaari proposed that Kosovo receive independence supervised by the international community (primarily the European Union and NATO) and provide strong guarantees for the Serbs who live in Kosovo.

Now is the time to act. Tensions are likely to rise, and they certainly will not cool. Moreover, without a resolution on Kosovo's final status, the future of Serbia and Kosovo will remain uncertain.

Some may say that Russia would prefer this limbo to a situation where Serbia and Kosovo join the European Union and NATO. Serbs and Kosovars should prefer otherwise. They deserve to be in the European Union. And Kosovo cannot develop as things stand. It has been unable to gain access to international financial institutions, fully integrate into the regional economy, or attract the political capital it needs to address its widespread unemployment and poverty.

Russia has complained of not being included in talks. It should participate, but constructively and not just to block it. What may be needed is a formulation that allows Russia to acquiesce without having to break openly with Serbia. Russia can reassure Serbs and emphasize that Kosovo is a unique situation, without precedent for other regions.

The Ahtisaari plan has several advantages. It gives rights to Kosovo's 100,000 Serbs to manage their own affairs within a democratic Kosovo, which will be protected and monitored by the international community. It also requires protection for Orthodox and Serbian cultural and religious sites. Finally, it provides for an international presence that will oversee Kosovo's institutions and monitor the settlement's implementation. It also places Kosovo on the road toward EU integration.

The European Union has agreed to supervise Kosovo during the transition period and deploy a police mission alongside the current NATO peacekeeping force. An indefinite delay caused by continued confusion over Kosovo's status could jeopardize a smooth transition to European oversight.

Kosovo is a unique situation that has required a creative solution. It should not create a precedent for other unresolved conflicts. When the Security Council adopted Resolution 1244 in response to Milosevic's actions in Kosovo, it laid the groundwork for a political process that would ultimately determine Kosovo's future.

We know that all decisions on Kosovo are difficult. Some of us kicked the issue down the road eight years ago. Today, the international community faces the hardest issue of all. But the decision is necessary, and it is the result of eight years of international collaboration.

Serbia must recognize, however, that greater stability in the Balkans promoted by the Ahtisaari plan will allow it to use its location, resources and talent to become a major regional player and a constructive force in European politics. The Serb people deserve a legitimate place in Europe and Serbia could also begin to move towards possible EU membership.

Our goal remains a Europe whole and free, with all the people of the western Balkans participating fully as EU members. The benefits of a concerted EU effort in Kosovo, backed by the UN and NATO, are enormous. As such, Russia and the other UN Security Council members should follow through on the promise that the Council made in 1999 and agree to complete the process of self-governance in Kosovo. This is the best option at this stage of a very difficult history of the whole region. Viable alternatives do not exist.

Madeleine Albright, United States

Lloyd Axworthy, Canada

Jan Eliasson, Sweden

Gareth Evans, Australia

Joschka Fischer, Germany

Bronislaw Geremek, Poland

Niels Helveg Petersen, Denmark

Lydie Polfer, Luxembourg

Jozias van Artsen, Netherlands

Hubert Vedrine, France


robert harneis said...

And resolution 1244 guaranteeing Serbian sovreignty?

The West really must make up its mind whether it has any ethical standards or not. The endless criticism of other nations for "backsliding on democracy" and the rest is laughable in the face of the war to take Kosovo away from Serbia.

I hope Russia sticks to its guns and forces the West to face the lies and deceit committed over Kosovo.

Madeleine Albright particularly distinguished herself by conduct that would have appealed to Soviet Communists in their heyday. "Spring has come early..."

The end justifying the means was supposed to be what the bad guys did not nice people like the sickening hypocrites who signed this letter.
The worst crime was not bombing the Chinese embassy for which we will all pay one day or killing Serbian TV journalists, it was smoothing the way for the rape of Iraq.

Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor said...

George W. Bush has voiced his support for the independence of Kosovo. In a visit to Albania on June 10, 2007, he stated: "At some point in time, sooner rather than later, you’ve got to say, ‘Enough is enough. Kosovo is independent."


Anonymous said...

Yes, just get over it, Kosovo deserves 100% indepenance.

Baba B said...

why world politicians are wasting all this money on these meetings and more negotiations? why? use that money for people in need around the globe! provide indepenance for Kosova... suggest this takes place on the 4th of July 2007. Just like Baba Bush stated: ‘Enough is enough. Kosovo is independent."

Live STRONG people!

Ivan said...

I like the way in this article that these former foreign ministers direct how Russia should act, as if Russia is their small puppet. The Western world has not realized yet, that in fact Russia would be much more easier to talk to if it was looked at as a partner, and not some kind of puppet.

In addition this article has got many violations to human rights in general. They propose the guarantee for Serbs and Orthodox churches as some kind of luxury. ITs like , hey look now you will not be killed, isnt that good.

Secondly they claim that the “100,000 serbs can now govern themselves”, so the other 200,000 that were forced out of Kosovo, are not allowed to come back to their homes?

Its sad how standards for Kosovo and Metohija keep on decreasing. Before it was standards before status. And one of the standards was that all refugees come back to Kosovo. then it was standard and status, and now its just status and totally neglecting the standards ( see the refugees are not even mentioned in this article).

Ziad said...

THE WAY YOU SIDED WITH bush, american BUTCHER…..IN TIRANA… MAKES ME SICK. I guesss u disregard the fact that he killed so many MOSLEMS??/ THATS FINE……Inshallah …..WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND
YOU SOLD YOURSELFS TO george bush….cheeply
I always respected Albanians fight Russians and Srbeains and Cristiansts….always….untill georeg bush came to Albania……for you no respect….ZERO
FROM الشام ash-Shām

ArMeRA said...


Arab affairs with Americans (I should say) not Muslim affairs should be resolved between yourselves. Some of the Arabs today (making a small percentage of global Muslim population) are holding hostage the religion and other Muslims around the world.

If you had respect for Albanians you should have learned by now that we identify ourselves as Albanians, and our religions being Muslim, Catholic or Orthodox don't effect the love for each other. Religion is I think a personal thing, I can choose the religion, however just like I can't choose my parents, I can't choose my nationality and the language I mother-tongue.

I think that Albanians are a good example of religious tolerance. The respect Albanians showed for Bush is the respect Albanians have for American nation. If it wasn't for the Americans (during Wilson and Clinton presidency) we wouldn't in fact exist as a nation.

Now I can't choose the American President, and will never judge American Nation on their President.

As for your respect, from my point of view I can't control what you do , how you feel or behave, I can only control my self.

I am not saying that President Bush is good or bad, but what I can definitely say is that as a Muslim, Christian or Jew you can not take pride on killing innocent people and discriminating your own mothers and sisters in the name of god.

I hope this helps you clarify the Albanian love towards Americans. We love freedom and see USA as protector of freedom.

God bless you Ziad

ArMeRA said...


What Serbs have tried in Kosovo, is similar what Germans tried with Jews during the second World War. By raping, killing, burning, torturing you have definitely lost the right to have any say for the future of Kosovo.

If you had respected Albanians during last 87 years while you reigned with Kosovo instead of hating them, I can assure you that Kosovo would love to be a part of your proud country.

The reality however is that even Montenegrin that have almost identical culture with you don't want to live in the same country with Serbia. That is why they separated.

We can argue years to come here, however that in a nutshell is the problem. It is not that Albanians decided to hate Serbs over night. This feeling of mistrust comes from plans of your Academy of Sciences how to ethnically cleans Kosovo and later attempts by Milosevich; before him Rankovich, prior to him Draza Mihailovich, and even before him you King Karadjordjevich.

I know you are proud of your nation and history, and you are trying to protect your own interests here, however for a moment I suggest you forget about everything and try to see it from the other side. (Believe me I already tried to see it from your side, and I have to admit that it doesn't look very good)

I can tell you this much. I will refuse to hate you regardless of what you do, because if I do I will have problems my self. One thing is for sure, even if I live 100 lives I will refuse to ever live in a country where you rule. This is because no leader of yours has ever shown that they can treat others with respect and dignity. (I stress leader, as I have met individuals that could, even though rare)

A good book for you to read is Paris 1913. There you can learn how you got Kosovo, and what the actual plans of your leader from that time were. It may shed some light in you.


Ziad said...

IF YOU dont LIKE ISLAM....why u say your MOSLEMS?????? WHY ASK OUR HELP?!


ZIAD Ismayilzada
FROM الشام ash-Shām

ArMeRA said...


You just proved the point, and yes you are right it makes me more proud of who I am.

Ziad said...


ZIAD Ismayilzada
FROM الشام ash-Shām

Ivan said...


On your comment that if we have respected albanians you would have loved to live with us. Lets just go back a bit more into 80s and ask ourselves why Milosevic came into power.

didnt you enjoy the full autonomy in Kosovo and Metohija? didnt you start the demonstrations claiming that Kosovo should be a republic and break away from Serbia back in the 80s when you enjoyed the fullest freedom? Didnt the Albaninas start harrassing the Serbs in Kosovo, and then Mislosevic cam with his famous speech " Nobody is allowed to beat you up except the police"?

Also dont forget that it was the albanian families who were on the Serbian social system , even though more than 60% of Kosovo albanians were unemployed.

Let me remind you of the time when the residents of Serbia were giving their one month salary for the help of development of Kosovo, because you guys made it so underdeveloped. Now I know you will argue that we didnt allow you to develop, but then answer to me how come Vojvodina is the most developed region in Serbia , and it is the region where there are the most national minorities within Serbia.

You can say what you want, but Kosovo is under Serbian sovergnity under the international law. USA to whom you sold your soul, I agree with Ziad, is trying to justify the theft , just the way they are trying to justify the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Fortinately there are countries that are not USAs puppets, like Russia, and they insist on the principle on the respect of law.

ArMeRA said...

No Ivan I am not going to argue with you at all. I tried to give you my honest opinion, which is based on my first 19 years of my life in Kosovo (I was born and raised there).

It is entirely up to you if you keep an open mind and learn something from other people or not.

Unfortenately, based on what you said I can see that for you Albanians are people who live in social assistance, don't want to develop and so on..... Where I live we call that prejudicing.

Don't worry you will not hurt my feelings, I have heard it all before, and no matter how strange that may sound to you it is not your fault, because you only know Kosovo from newspapers and magazines that were controlled by Belgrade at that time.

Anyhow, thanks for all good intentions and the good life you tried to provide me with, but I choose the freedom instead, and yeah Kosovo is currently UN international protectorate where you need your Serbian passport to enter. I wish you didn't (I hope one day we want have borders), but I made this statement to show you the reality on the ground.

We really don't need to take this conversation any further. Let's see what future brings for us.


Ziad said...


FROM ZIAD Ismayilzada
FROM الشام ash-Shām

ArMeRA said...

Hey Ziad,

I just hope it will not be you. I have no problem with anyone, be it white, black, yellow, green, muslim, atheist, christian, orthodox, budhist, gay, lesbian, Serb, Russian, English, American.......

I look at the person for who he is. I believe that people can coexist together in respect. I have never used or never will use violence as means of achieving anything.

I think Kosovars will in future set a good example of religious coexistence, and will rather play more of neutral politics. We already have good relations with all our neighboring countries excluding Serbia at this point. In future I believe that it will be inevitable for both Serbs and Albanians to coexist.

You my friend need to find a forum where your bad and good philosophy is discussed, I think you are waisting your time here.


Ziad said...


AND NO...I WILLNOT BE YOUR FRIEND...ACTUALLY YOU WONT HAVE ANY FRIENDS...BELIEVE ME...MOSLEMS ARE WATCHING cnn AND bbc...WE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON....AND YOUR georg bush BOOT LICKIN' was seen and remembered in the MIDLE EAST...YOU albnians have no priciples...independent kosova (for which i use to be a champion of) EVEN IF IT MEANS licking georg's bosh boots over 500,000 dead MOSLEM BROTHERS OF IRAQ, LEBANON, PALESTINE, CHECNIA???? YOU MAKE ME 20 years you will have no friends....MARK MY WORDS

FROM ZIAD Ismayilzada
FROM الشام ash-Shām

ArMeRA said...


I am glad that at least you and Ivan agree with each other then. I think you share the same values.


Ziad said...

AMERICAN-KISSASS مُسْتَرَقّ (slave - i dont expct that you know arabic or that you have القرآن or Qur'ān at home)


FROM ZIAD Ismayilzada
FROM الشام ash-Shām

Ziad said...

you kosovars became fancy EUROPEANS now...american friens now WE MOSLEMS are no longer good enough for you....THIS IS THE SAME LOGIC THAT EUROPE IS USING ON TURKEY...


you know what Europe will do to you...I will use one ARAB not pat a dog because it will soil your it better to be equal with your MOSLEM BROHTERS OR THE worse of the worse IN EUROPE?

FROM ZIAD Ismayilzada
FROM الشام ash-Shām

ILIRIAN said...

Hey ziad,

Shut the hell up will you and piss-off!

Everything that is bad today in the Albanian territories and amongst the Albanian people (whether free or still under occupation) comes directly from the middle-east. It is a result of what the Ottoman Empire brought with it when it came to the Balkans. The Ottomans used islam as a tool for conquest (divide and conquer) and the attempted assimilation of the Albanian people. You talk about Albanians now becoming "fancy Europeans"...well I can tell you this you bearded monkey...we were are and will remain EUROPEAN forever! You only have to look at the western world and then look at the middle-east. I ask you...if islam is so good and allah is so strong, etc, etc, well why isn't the middle-east as strong and prosperous as the west??? Why aren't millions of people around the world "dying" to live in a middle-eastern country???... Hmmmm....WHY??? Also...why were so many muslims killed in Bosnia??? Why didn't your allah throw down a few bolts of lighting or something to get back at the filthy serb heathens?? Hmmmmm....WHY??? As I said earlier, we have had hell from serbs but this is the direct result of the legacy left by our muslim occupiers before the serbs and this was Turkey. They left us divided (into 5 countries), poor, backward, without infrastructure or industry and very un-educated. They sold off more than half of our lands to serbia, montenegro and greece in an attempt to buy there empire more time/life without any regard whatsoever to Albanians. When they finally left we were so weak that serbia walked in and took half of our lands...and for this I will be eternally anti-moslem!

The biggest form of revenge I could wish upon serbs would be the islamization of their nation. At least for 200 or 300 hundred years...just as long as we've had it. This would surely F**K them up!!!

Ivan said...

hey lirian,

what i find strange is that majority of the Serbs still remained Christian, while you albanians decided to suck up to the Turks and took their religion. Just the way you are sucking up to the USA. Hey ziad, dont worry they will soon have a massive religion change into Baptists, just because it is in their interest.

Ziad said...

So Im called a BEARDED MONKEY FROM MIDDLE-EAST BY AN ALBANIAN...HAHAAH...LET ME TELL YOU SOMTHING MY ALBANIAN FRIEND (ilirian, but others as well)...THAT DOESNT HURT AT ALL...I KNOW FOR A FACKT THAT THATS HOW OTHER eUROPEANS and americans CALL YOU...and you know that too...thats why this GROWING frustration AND WILLIGNESSto be more european and american than europeans and americans i guess your learning from your masters SWEARING AND NAMECALLING...thta is good..the same way how you learnt from TURKS TO BE BACKWARD...YOU KISSED UP TO THEM FOR 500 YEARS SO ITS TIME TO KISSUP SOME MORE...this time to americans, are a kissup nation and nothing can be changed about it...i understand...if MOSLEMS ARE STRONGER...YOU KISSUP TO ME...IF americans ARE kissup to goergee bushee...nervertheless you KISS UP, SUCK UP, BOOTLICK ETC. its a survival logic and i understand...luckily there are ALBANIAN brothers who think differently...ISLAM si a priority to you can only talk from your pointof view...

like i said before...WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND...SEIRBS WERE NOTHIGN how you are going to kiss up to me this time around...we are coming back, and you know it

Allahu Akbar الله أكبر

FROM ZIAD Ismayilzada
FROM الشام ash-Shām

Ziad said...

This is a part of bush's speech

"We have seen that friendship reflected in the outpouring of support Americans have extended to Muslim communities across the globe during times of war and natural disaster. Americans came to the aid of the victims of devastating earthquakes in Pakistan and Iran, and responded with urgency and compassion to the wreckage of the tsunami in Indonesia and Malaysia. Our country defended Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo after the breakup of Yugoslavia. "

Even your MASTER bUSHEE THINKS YOU ARE MOSLEMS...So...who are you fooling...bUSH or yourselfs??????????????????????????????????????????????? and thanks for the help bUSHEE...BUT NO THANKS

Allahu Akbar الله أكبر

FROM ZIAD Ismayilzada
FROM الشام ash-Shām

Ziad said...






Allahu Akbar الله أكبر

FROM ZIAD Ismayilzada
FROM الشام ash-Shām

Ziad said...


Allahu Akbar الله أكبر

FROM ZIAD Ismayilzada
FROM الشام ash-Shām

Ziad said...



who is THE BEST MOSLEM IMAM in BOSNIA...he is the living proof that you strayed albanians, probably living in western europe or ameriac, being paied by american goverment dont know ynothing ...dont know nothing about ISLAM or eeven your own ALBANIANS WHSE PRIORITY IS ISLAM ANDd only ISLAM

Allahu Akbar الله أكبر

FROM ZIAD Ismayilzada
FROM الشام ash-Shām

Ziad said...

I AM SOOOOOOO HAPPY TO SEE THAT martti ahtisaari IS BEING COUGHT IN HIS OWN NET OF LIES AND DECEIT....THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN albanian mafia ENGAGE WITH THE "intenationall community" (read international mafia) and SPOIL A LEGITIMATE CONCEARN OF ALBANIAN PEOPLE....AT THE END YOU WILL BE HAPPY TO HAVE AN AUTONOMY...albanian mafia will spoil everything for you....just like serb of croataia had spolied there chance...


Allahu Akbar الله أكبر

FROM ZIAD Ismayilzada
FROM الشام ash-Shām

Anonymous said...

Hey Ziad,

Where's your Camel?

Ziad said...

YES YES...wher is my camel?? Yes, im a bearded monkey with a camel. But when you dirty Albanians need come to Saudi Arabia and UAE for conveniant...LIKE I SAID...YOU ALBANIANS ARE PLAYING WITH HIGH ROLLERS LIKE america AND russia...but have no political cash for the game....this is not a game for will get burned like fire in the end for turning your back to YOUR MOSLEM BROTHERS

Allahu Akbar الله أكبر

FROM ZIAD Ismayilzada
FROM الشام ash-Shām

Bg anon said...

'Everything that is bad today in the Albanian territories and amongst the Albanian people (whether free or still under occupation) comes directly from the middle-east. It is a result of what the Ottoman Empire brought with it when it came to the Balkans.'

Ilirian I have to say that this type of comment is pretty typical in the Balkans. ie blame the Turks instead of ask questions of your own people. I mean how long is it since the Turks left the region and to use this as an excuse today...

KosovoReport guy - I'd say that there is a hell of a lot of news in Kosovo these days. Any chance of you posting more. Things have become extremely quiet in Kosovo Albanian blogging circles lately.

Ziad said...



Allahu Akbar الله أكبر

FROM ZIAD Ismayilzada
FROM الشام ash-Shām

Anonymous said...

How is you Camel doing Ziad?

Anonymous said...

Remember 1244?

Kosovo is part of Serbia.

Let's not forget that promise!

Wish all people of Kosovo the best. Within a Serbia within Europe!

BryanP said...

I have had the chance to live in Kosovo for about six months back in 2001-2002.

Though, I have to wonder what Bush would say if the Mexicans continue to move into our country, then one day they decide to declare independence from us.

Kosovo has been the heart of Serbia for thousands of years, it's only been since World War 2 that the Albanians have moved there in order to find work (sound familiar?). It's a sad state of affairs when a nation can lose it's sovereignty due to simple labor migrations and the world not understanding the whole situation.

I hope many nations, including my own learn this lesson. Though it appears that it isn't.

Mr. Cheeseburger 9000 said...

1) is there such a thing as "supervised independence"?

2) is declaring independence the panacea or empty sovereignty?

Anonymous said...

resolution 1244 is about yugosllavien not serbien ,kosovo is not going to be never part of serbien ever and about serb refugges they are not refugges they killed albaniens in kosovo women and chilldren they are killers and about you ziad i am moslem but because of moslems like you i don't whon be moslem ,because you are stupid and arogant ,american people are good people and president george w. bush is a medicin for crazy and stupid people like you .

Anonymous said...

Let me just say that Kosovo belonged to the SERBIAN people for thousands of years...the SERBIAN people allowed the Albanians live in Kosovo. Kosovo belongs to the SERBIAN people. Their are claims that the SERBS did all sorts of horrific things...but their is no mention of what the Albanians did. They are the ones raping, killing women, men, and children. Get it straight...KOSOVO IS SERBIANS SOUL.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Ha! Like Bush is going to help you after you bastards stole his watch!

practicalpsychologist said...

Why did this blog suddenly end?

Linda Margaret said...

The problems in the Kosovo region are very much dependent upon the perspective (correlated/causelated?) with the origin of the person giving his or her opinion.

Anonymous said...

Please visit

Anonymous said...

First, these foreign ministers should allow independence for Scotland, Wales, Basqia, Kurdistan, Northern Ireland, Texas, Normandy, Bavaria and other parts of their beloved countries. Also they should give back the stolen lands back to the Native American Indians and the Australian Aborigiones. Once they finish that- they can make decicions about Serbia.

Second, "Republic of Kosovo" breached the UN Resolution 1244. Now Serbia can feel free to attack and occupy Albania and burn Tirana, as the international law means nothing anymore.

Third, since 1999 to this day, the non-Albanian minorities in Kosovo are subjects of ethnic cleansing right in front of the eyes of UN, NATO, EU, OSCE and other monitoring and peacekeeping missions. I wonder how do you expect Kosovo to be more democratic after these missions leave?!

What happened on February 17 is a pervertion of justice and an step forward to the creation of an ethnicaly clean Greater Albania, a "country" in which drug trade, firearms trade and sex-slave trade will be the most succesful business as it is already now in Kosovo and in the Albanian diaspora esspecially in Switzerland.

Someone made a parallel between the Holocaust and the former Serbian policy towards the Albanians. The irony is that many Albanians sided with Mussolini and Hitler during WWII and formed the SS Skenderbeg (Skanderbeg) division.

Then, I see the title of this blog: "KosovA". The name Kosovo comes from the serbian word KOS which is a blackbird (like crow), while the suffix -OVO is typical for many Slavonic toponyms: Ivanovo in the "Golden Ring" of Russia for example.

KosovA means nothing. Its just a poor attempt for Albanisation of the original Serbian name. Kosovo was always Serbian, its the place where in 1389 the Serbian knights tried to stop the Ottoman conquest of Europe. You will not turn it into an Albanian land simply by changing "O" to "A".

GoldenEagle said...

Well there is a kind of paradox in Russian politics
they want to recognize the South Osetia and Abkazia and not at same time to give independence to Chechenya

GoldenEagle said...

Regarding to the name I am for changing the Name of Kosovo into Dardania

Anonymous said...

Key facts about Kosovo's Islamic Albanian minority of Serbia and the century long drive by Islamic extremists to exterminate Kosovo Serbs from that region:

1389---Muslims defeat Christian Serb defenders in Kosovo, depopulate the area and invite mountain tribe of Albanians, in exchange for converting to Islam, to take over pillaged land from Serbs.

1594---Sinan Pasha, an ethnic Albanian, who was a commander in the Ottoman Turkish Empire, burned the relics of St. Sava at Vracar, Belgrade. St. Sava is the Saint that brought Serbs into Christianity.

1878---Albanian nationalist leaders meet in Prizren, known as the First League of Prizren, to announce the creation of a Greater Albania, which will include all areas settled by Albanians, including Kosovo-Metohija, western Macedonia, known as Illirida, southern Montenegro, and northern Greece, Chameria. This is when the Kosovo or “Kosova” separatist agenda starts.

1878---Ottoman Turkish forces put down Albanian insurgency to create a Greater Albania. This was the first attempt to create an Albanian “Kosova” by an insurgency or by military force. A century later, another Greater Albania insurgency would have NATO and US backing.

1900-1918---Austria-Hungary and Italy are sponsors of a Greater Albania and support Albanian expansion in the Balkans, at the expense of Serbia.

1912---Albanian ultranationalists seize Skopje in Macedonia as part of a Greater Albania.

1920---After borders of “Jugoslavia” are legally settled under international law and recognized by the League of Nations, Albanian separatists launch a terrorist insurgency in “Kosova”, murdering Serbian civilians and police. This is known as the “kachak movement” and is the start of Albanian attempts to take over “Kosova” by military or armed force.

1941---Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini invade, occupy, and dismember Yugoslavia. They make “Kosova” a part of a Greater Albania under Mustafa Kruja. Western Macedonia is also made a part of Greater Albania by Hitler and Mussolini.

1941-1944---“Kosova” is made “independent” and part of a Greater Albania by Adolf Hitler. This is when Albanian ultra-nationalists realized their goal to create a Greater Albania and an independent Kosova under Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.
1943---The Second League of Prizren, sponsored and established by Nazi Germany, reaffirms the commitment to create and maintain an independent “Kosova” and a Greater Albania under Nazi sponsorship. Later, the US and EU would replace Nazi Germany as the sponsor of Greater Albania.

1944---Albanians create a Nazi Waffen SS Division, Skanderbeg, made up mostly of Kosovo Albanian Muslims, “Kosovars”. These Albanian Muslim Nazi SS troops murder thousands of Kosovo Serbian Christians and drive thousands of other Kosovo Serbs out of Kosovo.

1944---Kosovo Albanian Muslims play a role in the Holocaust, the murder of European Jews. The Albanian “Kosovar” Skanderbeg Nazi SS Division rounds up Kosovo Jews who are sent to the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen Belsen where they are killed.
1948---The U.S. brings Midhat Frasheri, the leader of the Nazi/fascist Balli Kombetar, National Front, whose goal is a Greater Albania that includes Kosovo, and other wanted Albanian “Kosovar” war criminals, such as Xhafer Deva and Hassan Dosti, to the U.S. to form anti-Communist forces for the takeover of Albania. The U.S. put the Communist regime in power in Albania then sought to overthrow it by means of “regime change”.

1951---The U.S. organizes and launches Operation Fiend, one of the first experiments in “regime change” in Albania. Frank Wisner is one of the leaders of the project. His son would lead the efforts in 2006 to create a Greater Albania, an independent “Kosova”, which his father failed to achieve.

1968---Albanian separatism in Kosovo emerges. Closer tries with Albania are established.

1969---Kosovo Albanians begin closer ties with Tirana and begin importing textbooks and teachers from Albania and create their own Albanian school system and university. The “Albanianization” of Kosovo begins.

1974---The Communist dictator Josip Broz Tito changes the Yugoslav constitution giving Kosovo Albanians control of Kosovo. Albanians control every area of Kosovo from the police to teachers to judges.
1981---Albanians in Kosovo demand independence or secession from Yugoslavia. They demand to be a Republic which is code for independent or a part of Albania. They demand: “We Want a Unified Albania!” Dozens are killed in separatist riots. Serbian Patriarchate in Pec is burned down but no one knows how or why.

1982---British historian Nora Beloff notes that “ethnic cleansing” originated in Kosovo when Albanian Muslims killed or drove off Serbs. Albanians begin terror campaign of ethnic cleansing against Kosovo Serbs. From 1981-1989, an estimated 20,000 Kosovo Serbs are driven out of Kosovo by Albanian ultranationalists.

1982---Ethnically motivated murders of Kosovo Serbs begin with the murders of Kosovo Serbs Danilo Milincic and Miodrag Saric.

1985---Kosovo Serb Djorje Martinovic is “found with a broken bottle up his anus.” Albanian attackers sodomized him to force him out of the province to create an ethnically pure Kosova. US media claims that Martinovic was a closet homosexual who injured himself. The brutal sodomy of Martinovic inflames passions in the rest of Serbia.

1987---Fadil Hoxha, leader of Kosovo Albanians, advocates that Albanian Muslims rape Kosovo Serb women.

1989---Murders, rapes, desecration of Kosovo Serbian property, churches, and cemeteries forces Serbian government to rescind “autonomy” that Communist dictatorship created.
1991---Albanian separatists respond by proclaiming Kosovo a republic, which is tantamount to independence, which is recognized only by neighboring Albania. Albanian separatists gain sponsorship of a Greater Albania by contributing money to Thomas Lantos, Robert Dole, and Joe Biden. The U.S. becomes the sponsor of Greater Albania.

1996---A violent and armed terrorist and separatist group emerges, the KLA/UCK, whose goal is to create a Greater Albania, an independent “Kosova”. KLA begins killing Kosovo Serb civilians and police. Dozens of Yugoslav policemen, Serbs and Albanians, are brutally murdered by the KLA.

April, 1998---95 percent of the Yugoslav population rejected international mediation on Kosovo in a referendum. The so-called Balkan Contact Group imposed new international sanctions against Yugoslavia even though the decision was by a majority of the Yugoslav population, that is, was democratically determined.

July-August, 1998---The KLA separatists takes over 40 percent of Kosovo by force, by killing Yugoslav police and driving Kosovo Serbs out. The KLA terrorist groups are well-armed and supplied. The U.S. is one of the backers of the KLA separatists or terrorists.
1998---US State Department declares the KLA separatists are “terrorists”. US media dismisses the pronouncement.

1998---US media dismiss the fact that the Kosovo conflict is an illegal land grab, a separatist, ethnic war to create a Greater Albania. Instead, the US media concoct a deception that the conflict is about “greater rights” and “genocide”, when it is about Greater Albania, an independent, ethnically pure “Kosova”.

October, 1998---NATO plans airstrikes against Yugoslav targets, which would later include hospitals, nursing homes, passenger trains, TV stations, power grids, factories, and busses. Many of these attacks are war crimes under international law.

January 15, 1999---A “massacre” is manufactured in Racak by the US media and government. In fact, those killed were KLA separatists who had murdered Serbian policemen and had been killed in combat against Yugoslav police.

February, 1999---At a staged peace conference at Rambouillet, the US demands that Serbia allow Kosovo to become an independent nation after three years and that US and NATO troops be allowed to occupy Serbia. The US diktat was meant to force a war which the U.S. had long been planning. Rambouillet was a transparent sham.

March, 1999---Yugoslavia’s democratically elected leaders reject the US peace deal as tantamount to dismemberment and military occupation, unacceptable to a sovereign state.
March 24, 1999---NATO launched air strikes against Yugoslavia for 78 days, killing thousands of Serbian civilians. The KLA and U.S. advisers create a fake humanitarian catastrophe by telling and even forcing Kosovo Albanians to flee into Albania and Macedonia Yugoslav forces are falsely blamed for driving out Albanians. The U.S. scores a huge propaganda success with images of refugees.

June 10, 1999---NATO forces Slobodan Milosevic to withdraw Yugoslav forces from Kosovo and to allow NATO to occupy it. NATO occupies Kosovo.

June 12, 1999---After 50,000 NATO peacekeepers begin deployment in Kosovo, over 200,000 Kosovo Serbs, Roma, Gorani, and Jews are forced out of Kosovo by Albanians. Thousands of Kosovo Serbs are murdered by Albanians as NATO takes control of the province. Over 150 Serbian Orthodox Churches would be destroyed by Albanian Muslims protected by NATO troops.

March, 2004---March Pogroms: Albanians attack the last remaining Kosovo Serbs to drive them out of the province to create an ethnically pure Shqip Kosova.

October, 2006---Serbia held a referendum and approved a new constitution which declared that Kosovo was an integral part of Serbia. This decision had the support of the majority of the population of Serbia, that is, was democratically determined

January 21, 2007---Serbia held parliamentary elections where the Radical Party won the most votes, although not enough votes to form a new government.

April, 2007---Russia rejected the Marti Ahtisaari proposal in the U.N. Security Council because it violated Serbian sovereignty by supporting Albanian separatism.

June, 2007---U.S. President George W. Bush claimed that Kosovo had to be independent "sooner rather than later." This is an issue for the UN to be decided under international law, however, not a decision for the President of the U.S.

August, 2007---Envoys from the U.S., EU and Russia began 120 days of further negotiations between Albanian separatists and the Serbian government in order to reach an agreement. No agreement was forthcoming because the only “agreement” the U.S. was pushing was an independent “Kosova”. There was nothing to negotiate about. The negotiations were a sham and a hoax.
December, 2007---Albanian separatist efforts fail at the U.N. The U.S. and Albanian goal is then to unilaterally declare independence outside of international law and the UN Charter, which is illegal and violates the sovereignty of Serbia and denies the will of the majority of Serbs. The majority of the Serbian population rejects the secession of Kosovo by Albanian separatists. This decision is reached by means of the democratic process.

February, 2008---Having failed to achieve their separatist agenda through international law and in the U.N., the U.S. switched gears and told the Albanian separatists to unilaterally declare an independent “Kosova”. This is an illegal act which violates all international norms and conventions and laws. The U.S. reliance is on military force only. The illegal measure is justified by force only.


Fatmir said...

The US is taking advantage of Kosova in their pipeline games and Kosova doesn't mind. After all it helps them free themselves of an Apartheid-like oppression that lasted for almost 30 years by the politics of Serbia. A Serbia that denies most of the genocides that Milosevic, Arkan, Tchetnicks helped to carry out. A Serbia that claims it was the superior ethnicity in the area with an Albanian population only immigrating and multiplying when history teaches us another fact: These very Kosovarian Albanians have been populating the area since the Stone Age - way before Slavic folks intruded in the 6th to the 8th century. Please check: They oppressed the native population, which sadly is the history of many a colonist nations.
FREEDOM AT LAST KOSOVA! Now prove that you can make something out of your future. Something good. Without superior slavic oppression.

Kosovo Gazette said...

#1 (By famous Albanian historian)

There is an Illyrian myth, with which Albanian culture has been flirting for at least 150 years, and as a myth it can't be questioned (for it has all the answers). There is also a very tentative Illyrian science, based mainly on archaeology, and on some data transmitted by Ancient Greek and Latin Historians.

These inscriptions, being totally alien to Albanian, show that the Illyrian question is extremely complicated, and that it isn't likely to be resolved, unless fundamental epigraphic discoveries are made.

The great Illyrologist Hans Krahe himself was no supporter of the Illyrian theory about the origin of Albanians. In his late years he came to understand that most of his paleolinguistic theories were generally wrong. Krahe started by finding Illyrian traces everywhere in Europe, but then it was made clear that all he had found were Indo-European traces -- and nobody had any doubt that Indo-European tribes had been in Europe for a long many years.

Onomastics is of no great help in settling linguistic and ethnogenetic issues. Let's have a look at some important place names in Albanian territories, like Dajti, Shkodra, Durresi, Vlora, Burreli, Drini, Shkumbini, Tirana, etc. Are they Albanian? We can't say that, for there are no Albanian words that would explain them (as we explain, for example, Kruja with "krue" - fountain).

This might well be true, but seems pathetic in front of the fact that we can't explain through Albanian words the place names we currently use, let alone the Illyrian ones. So what?

Let's move up in time, and reach the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages the Albanians were somewhere there, though their first mention is in the 11th century (or 12th, I'm not sure). Where were they living? Where are the places they have named after their common words (technically called appellatives)? The south is full -- literally full -- of Slavic place names, especially the areas of Vlora, Tepelena, Skrapar, Mallakaster, Gramsh, Cermenike, Moker, Korce, Erseke.

My personal opinion is that the issue of Albanians descending or not from Illyrians doesn't deserve the interest it has traditionally aroused. There is absolutely NO Illyrian cultural legacy among Albanians today. In a certain sense, Illyrians (with their less fortunate fellows, the Pelasgians) are a pure creation of Albanian romanticism.

Ardian Vebiu
famous Albanian historian

Taken from Dr. Ardian Vebiu's personal Website



First, we have no strong historical 'me'. We had five centuries under Turkish occupation, and at that time, we had a Turkish identity, not an Albanian identity, except for our language. We as Albanians didn’t have a real history during these five centuries. Our history was linked to the Turkish Empire. This is one of the reasons I could say that our nationalism started very late...
Traditionally, the society was organized into clans, families, tribes. And our Christian law—the so-called “Canon of Lek Dukagjini”—was called by one of the popes the least Christian law in the world. It was firmly linked to the blood feud. And Albanians could defend only their own house, their own family, their own tribe, and they didn’t care about others.

Fatos Lubonja



Since the Albanian language does not have any changes in its substrate, that means that the Albanians can¹t be, under any circumstance, genealogical descendants of the Illyrians. Later I discovered this, as well, in the works of the world renown professors and scholars...

...and many others, who with numerous scholarly arguments, linguistic and historical, have proven that the Albanians not only do not have anything in common with the Illyrians, not only that they are not autochthonous at any place in the Balkan, but they are not even autochthonous in the territories of modern day Albania.

Vaigand for example has formulated 12 arguments. To all of those I've added another five. Unfortunately, these scientists are not being mentioned in (the study) Albanology, nor in Albania, nor are they mentioned in Yugoslavia, or in Macedonia, because the Albanian professors consciously hide the truth about the origins of the Albanians and, instead of (the truth), to their pupils and students they serve up the lies about their autochthony and Illyrian origin.

Via those lies, they poison the whole nation. This is not done accidentally, but with the aim to incite the Albanians against the neighbouring nations, thus, hooking them on the ³fishing line² of some invented, wide ethnic territories, to use them as cannon fodder for the interests of some criminalised leaders and the international Capital.

The primary motive that inspired me to oppose the Albanian pseudo science about their Illyrian origin was the truth, the love for the truth, my special inclination towards it, but second and equally as important motive was the fact that, watching the Albanians being breast-fed with chauvinism and racism, are being encouraged to fight their neighbouring peoples (nations), I was hoping that if the truth is explained to them, they will move away from the tales, legends and myths about their autochthony and illyrom, thus ceasing with their inexcusable and baseless hatred towards their neighbours.

Since in the publication ³YLBERI² (comes out since 1993, in Geneva) and especially through my albanological collection THE ILLYRIANS AND THE ALBANIANS I demonstrated in written form my points of view, the Albanian academic Vincent Golleti, in the printed media stated: "The stances of Kaplan Burovich about the albanological problems, especially on the problem of the origin of the Albanians, need to be greeted most warmly, while the studies which he publishes in relation with those problems should be propagated throughout the whole of the scholarly world".

After him followed the Albanian scholar Dr. Adrian Qosi who in the middle of Tirana openly opposed the hypothesis about the Illyrian origin of the Albanians. With me agreed, via the printed media, several other younger scholars of whom I would especially mention Fatos Lubonja, Prof. Adrian Vebiu and others.

I can say that today appear a group of new Albanian scholars who do not agree with the false myths and courageously accept the scientific truth. I am proud that I lead this group and that they took up from me the necessary scholarly courage. Because, believe me, that is not easy at all, as the extreme Albanian nationalists, chauvinists and racists led by Ismail Kadare, through the most severe forms of chicanery and satanising are attempting to silence us at any cost.

They mentioned Dr Adrian Qosi when he stated that the hypothesis for the Illyrian origin of the Albanians is unfounded, added: ³But it is better not to talk about that because they will declare us anti-Albanians². And they did.


The oldest evidenced text in an Albanian language is "Formula paleximit" (Formula for communion), translated from Latin in 8-11-1462 by the Serb Pavle Angelic, whom the Albanians have albanised with the name Pal Engjylli. The first book in Albanian is ³Meshari² (The Book of Thoughts), a manual for religious sermons, dates from 1555 and is written by the Croatian Ivan Buzuk and published in Montenegro. And, understandably, they albanise him with the name Gjon Buzuku. For your information, the first primer in Albanian, after the proclamation of the Albanian independence is a work of ³Slavs² and Vlachs. Dositej Obradovich is the first in history who opens a school in Albanian language, while it was exactly Serbia, which was the first state to recognise independent Albania.


The Macedonians have a significant input in the development of the Albanian culture. For example, one of the oldest publishers in Albania is the Macedonian Petar Budi (1566-1622) who has published three books in Albanian, and also a Macedonian is Jovan Kukuzel, whom the Albanians have claimed as their own and have albanised with the name Jan Kukuzeli, although it is known that when he was born in Drach, XI century, here there still is not even one Albanian. Let me remind you also of Grigor Prlichev (1830-1893) who for some time is a teacher in Tirana and published the wonderful poem ³Skenderbeg². Undeniable is the fact that always at the forefront of all of their positive processes the Albanians had namely non-Albanians.

Dr. Kaplan Resuli
famous Albanian dissident and historian


Anonymous said...

Kosovo is never going to be independent!
Not now, not tomorow not in a 1000 years!
2/3 of Albanian population on Serbian province Kosovo are illegal Muslim immigrants from Albania. So situation is same like Mexicans in US.
You are illegal and you do not have right to vote for anything icnluding independence.

Anonymous said...

"Iron Carl" explained how cut Serbs.

Excerpts from the book of ex-Hague Tribunal Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, whose withdrawal should take place only a third of April, has already been the cause of the scandal.

Former prosecutor Hague Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Carla Del Ponte, whose hostile attitude towards the Serbs for many years formed the West's negative perception about them, suddenly razotkrovennichalas. The book "Hunting: I and war criminals" in paints narrates how facing now in power independent Kosovo people earning huge money, selling internal organs recovered stolen from the Serbs.

According to the newspaper "Izvestia", in relation to the facts mentioned in the book in Serbia initiated criminal proceedings on the abduction of the summer of 1999, some 300 Kosovo Serbs and transporting them to Albania for the clandestine trade in human organs. If the data are confirmed in it, breaks out loud international scandal.

The direct control over these crimes, in the spirit of the Third Reich, coordinating the actions of a network of concentration camps and clandestine laboratories, in which people died in terrible pain, were leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army. One of its leaders, Hashim Thaci, called Snake, now holds the post of Prime Minister of an independent Kosovo.

This man has always been considered a war criminal in Serbia. In his account dozens of atrocities, which are courageous fighter for the independence of harassment over the Serbs in Kosovo. However, because of the strange circumstances of the Hague Tribunal is always more interested in Belgrade's "crimes".

Former District Court Judge in Pristina, Danica Marinkovic in the process against Slobodan Milosevic in The Hague has repeatedly tried to give evidence that the Kosovars involved in the trafficking of organs from living persons forfeited. She said that the UN mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), which then headed by the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, Bernard Kouchner, prevented the investigation of the disappearance and abduction of people in the province.

The UN Mission in Kosovo totally rejects these accusations, "Kommersant reported." UNMIK representative Alexander Ivanko categorically stated: "I deny it, because we have always cooperated with the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia". However, if the Serbian investigators will be able to find confirmation listed in the book, Carla Del Ponte reported breaks international scandal.

Same Del Ponte and Florence Artman, helping her in the years suggests that the UN administration, under whose jurisdiction in the province for many years continued to destroy Serb Orthodox churches destroyed and prevented attempts to appeal to the Albanians to justice. In an interview Artman said that it is the UNMIK officials have not provided "iron" Carle sue Albanians in connection with the disappearance of people and trade in donor organs.

As Del Ponte, already in 1999, it has sufficient information on the killings of Serbs and the sale of their organs. Chairman of the Union of families missing Kosovo Serbs Simo Spasicha said that he himself met several times with Carla Del Ponte and sent her abduction and destruction of evidence of Kosovo Serbs in concentration camps. But even after, in 2003, the prosecutor personally visited the crime scene in the town Burel in the north of Albania, in the house where the removal of organs, she did not give the cause of the course - although, by her own admission, there were traces of blood and medical equipment.

Former Justice Minister Vladan Batic said that if Mrs Del Ponte described in her book - though it is "the most atrocious crime since the time of Dr. Mengele", and it should not be for the Serbian and the Hague for justice. And Del Ponte also must be held accountable for what hidden from justice egregious facts heinous crimes, thus becoming, complicit.

Теперь будут европейцев которые их признали на органы резать.

Viva Serbia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thank you USA said...

Ziad STFU!
This is the wrong place and definitely the wrong people to ask backing for Jihad.

We are ALBANIANS and that means not christians or muslim. Add the fact that US helped us and you're toast. Try something agaist US and an albo will put a bullet in your jihadi head.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The only difference between an Illyrian and you is:
An Illyrian is afraid to lie, you are not.
Of course who were first is irrelevant for you, because you were not there.
For us is relevant because we were there, and we are still there today.
I will treat this topic in my third comment.
It is true, It was the Serbs who died fighting the Turks in Kosovo 1389, at the Battle of Kosovo-Polje, but this was only one fight, the Murad I army had no more than 40000 soldiers and:
The Serbian Army was defeated and destroyed for ever by the Ottomans. The Serbian nation was scared to death, and capitulated to the Ottomans. The son of Serbian King Lazar, his name was Stefan, capitulated and surrounded to the Ottomans with all of his family. Because his sister was beautiful, the son of Sultan Murat I, his name was Bayezid, took Stefan's sister in his harem as one of his numerous wife’s. Serbia resulted to a virtual vassal state, with Serbian nobles paying tribute and supplying soldiers to the Ottomans. Stefan became a loyal ally of Bayezid, going on to contribute significant forces to many of Bayezid's future military engagements. Serbian nation was a great help for Ottomans to conquer all Balkans. In return the Serbians took under the control a lot of land, as they was favored by the Ottomans, they was allowed to kip their religion, and remained unmolested by Turks till the end of 18th century, when Serbian Stabbed Turkey on the back and was saved by Russians from a total defeat.
Why are you afraid to mention the battle of Kosovo 1448, against Sultan Murad II's forces?
The reason is because this time Serbs under their King Brankovic were fighting side by side together with Ottomans against John Hyniad’s Hungarian army, and against Skanderbeg’s Albanian army and others, to save the Ottoman occupation of Balkans.Đurađ_Branković
A crusading army led by Regent John Hunyadi of Hungary was defeated by Sultan Murad II's forces at Kosovo Polje in 1448. The defeat was caused in part by Branković's betrayal of Hunyadi; Branković intercepted the Albanian reinforcements of Skanderbeg and delayed them when they were en route to the battle. This was the last concerted attempt in the Middle Ages to expel the Ottomans from southeastern Europe. Although Hungary was able to successfully defy the Ottomans despite the defeat at Kosovo Polje during Hunyadi's lifetime, the kingdom fell to the Ottomans in the 16th century. Branković also captured Hunyadi at Smederevo for a short time when he was going home from Kosovo in 1448.
You see; you can lay only with some lines. I have to add paragraphs for each of your lies.

Anonymous said...

As many Serbian, you too, suffer from a bad infectious disease named Serbo-Centrism.
You ignore the rest of the world except Russians.
In the battle of Kosova 1389, was split a lot of blood. This blood was Hungarians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Poles, Albanians and Serbs Blood. But you Serbs ignore all of them. What about the Albanians fights, with their leader Skanderbeg.
The Ottoman Empire's expansion was ground to a halt during the timeframe in which Skanderbeg and his Albanian forces resisted.
Much credit must also go to the successful resistance mounted by Vlad III Dracula in Wallachia, as well as the defeats inflicted upon the Ottomans by Hunyadi and his Hungarian forces. But not by SERBIANS, who was cooperating with Ottoman invaders.ć
The contribution given by Serbs in WW2 was microscopic, compared with the Heroic War of Anglo Americans in Europe (Carpet Bombing of Nazis Germany) and the War in the Pacific. Three Trillion Dollars were spent to destroy the Nazis War Machine and Japan. More than 20 million Russian killed in the Ukrainian front? The lider of Partisan Yougoslav movement was not a Serb. He was a Croat, and he stood by his Croatian fellows until his death in 1980.
The Albanian Fought fiercely against Italian Fachists and Geman Nazis. They created an army of 80000 partisans under their leader Enver Hoxha and lost 28000 partisans. For about 1 million Albanians at that time this was not to little. Ironically was Albanian Partisans whom after liberated Albania from the Nazis, they helped Yugoslav Partisans to, and split their blood for the Yugoslav people. After the liberation from the Nazis occupation on 28 November or 29 November 1944, several Albanian partisan divisions crossed the border into German occupied Yugoslavia and there contributed to the chasing out of the last pockets of German resistance alongside Tito's partisans.
There is no more free lunch for the Serbian, there are not any scrap left for Serbian. You are in your own. The first thing to do, you must learn how to behave, and try to make the metamorphosis and be more Humanoid.

Anonymous said...

It's about time to recognize the historical right of Kosova (Dardania) to have its destiny fulfilled-That is full independence. Kosova never was a Serbian province. It was there, since the times of birth of European civilization, a very distinct Dardanian/llyrian identity. Always populated by Dardanias who, although under constant pressure of forcefully migration by Serbian Shovinism, Tito's Yugoslavia & Milloshevic's Serbia, still make up 92% of the population. They speak Illyrian language with the dialect GEGE. Serbs always have been a minority there. We know that Serbs appeared in Balkans (then Illyria) only by the 6th Century AD, and they speak a language more similar to Ukrainian then Russian. They have always been a minority and 'the story' of Kosova being the Heartland of Serbia is just a pure Serbian nationalist fantasy. Facts Speak Louder Than Words and Serbia’s Lies Will Collapse by Themselves. Serbs always have been considered as oppressors there, not just by Albanian majority, but also by other ethnic groups too. Serbs just occupied Kosova during the rise of the Serbian nationalism early 20th century from Ottomans, who by then were loosing the Balkans after 500 years of occupation. The borders of Kosova are well established and recognized. Now Kosova should be Free!
I can’t comprehend how a minority of 7% of the population, pretend to take off the land, the language, culture and the life of the rest of Kosova. Kosovars have the right to live free and independent in their land where they are born, generation after generation, live and will die.
No solution for Kosovo can last without a solution for Mitrovica. ...

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This is really. If foreigners do not come off will form its own identity.

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piese auto said...

Yes, we all want independence of kosovo.
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Anonymous said...

You Serbs make me sick with your lies!!! Dardania was always Illyrian!!! Read more facts you bloody killers!!!!!!!!

Ferdinand said...

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