Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Poland backs 'free and independent' Kosovo: Albanian president

Poland backs a "free and independent" Kosovo, Albanian President Albert Moisiu said Tuesday following a meeting with his Polish opposite number Lech Kaczynski."I was pleased to hear that President Kaczynski, Poland and the Polish nation are ready to support us in favour of stability in the Balkans, and for the freedom and independence of Kosovo," Moisiu told reporters during a joint press conference with Kaczynski.Kosovo's ethnic Albanians, who make up 90 percent of the small Serbian province's population, are demanding independence while Serbia is only prepared to grant the UN-administered region autonomy.The province has been run by a UN mission since 1999, when a NATO bombing campaign ended a crackdown in Kosovo by Belgrade.On Monday, European Union policy chief Javier Solana had said that a decision on the status of Kosovo should be delayed until after Serbia held legislative elections in January, to take the wind out the sails of Serbian hardliners.The Serbian parliament last week passed a new constitution -- backed by voters in a referendum -- that defines the province as an "integral" part of Serbia, but a final UN proposal is expected to grant Kosovo sovereignty.Kaczynski said that Albania played a "stablising role" in the troubled Balkan region and seemed "close" to joining NATO."But the road to European Union membership seems more difficult," he said, although he reaffirmed Poland's support of an "open-door" policy for potential new members of the 25-nation European bloc.Poland joined NATO in 1999 and the EU in 2004, after more than a decade of preparations following the collapse of communist rule.


Anonymous said...

I am a Canadian of Polish deceent.In 1944 my parents were evicted from their home - like thousand of Serbian families from Kosovo - to satisfy Stalin's demands during Yalta Agreement with spineless representatives of USA and UK.
I thought, that Poles, who experienced so many foreign ocupation and numerous partions of their Homeland will have elected Government, which respects International Law and would not acept puppet state carved out of sovergin Serbia. Puppet state of Kosovo, which was established by KLA an organization listed on international lists of terrorist organizations, Osama Bin Laden, Iranian mudjahedins, drug dealers, arms dealers, perverted mass media campain and 1999 "humanitarian" NATO bombing. Cynical and hiprocratical European Union should first rebuild 150 catholic churches destroyed by KLA and re-enter them on UNESCO World Human Heritage List. If you are not brain washed, please read and article written by former Canadian Ambasador to Yugoslavia, Mr. James Bissett, "Why Canada should not recognize Kosovo", published Feb.19/08 in "The Ottawa Citizen" and "The Washington Times" editorial "Europe's new jihadist statelets?", published also on Feb.19/08. As a Pole at heart, I am ashamed that Polish Government rushed to recognized lawless carving of another Slavic Country. Thank you, Greg

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